Paella as Prepared By The Brothers Y

Disclaimer: There is some issue as to the nature of this dish . . . is it paella or arroz con pollo - the debate continues. The recipe is based upon a dish M had in Spain during the early 80's - over there (nameless sea-side town just west of San Sebastion) they called it paella.

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You'll need either a VERY big fry pan or a fry pan and a big pot (for when the water and veggies and meat are mixed together).

1 Large Chicken breast -fresh- ( probably about about 1.5-2 lbs) - on sale $ 5.54

4 small Chorizos  ($ 3.20)

Uncle Bens 5 minute Rice (2 cups) - entire box was $ 1.89

5 oz. jar of pimento ($ 1.19)

4 oz. of Green Olives with piminento centers (on sale at $ 1.39)

1 medium size onion (std. size Vidalia onion - .3 lbs) $ .47

1 red pepper (green is okay but the reds were cheap! $ .72))

Garlic 4 sections (recipe called for 2 but 4 was excellent $ .35))

Olive Oil

Saffron (the entire package which was .4 grms) $ 1.99 (must have been on sale?)

3 large Chicken Bullion cubes ($ 1.09)

Prep the stuff

Cut chicken into slices (about the size of nice slug)

Cut the Chorizos into "nickles"

Dice up the Peppers, onions, olives, garlic

Slice up the Pimento

Cooking the Stuff

Fry up the chicken in Olive Oil (fry long enough to cook it through - nice white color) - do not empty fry pan of oils. Don't cook the chicken so much that it gets tough!

Fry up the Chorizos. Do not empty the oils - these are a prime ingredient in the over-all mix.

Add in the vegetables and cook for a few minutes (5-10 min depending upon the stove?. add more oil if needed - we want a nice thick oily juice).

While the above is going on, boil 5 cups of water. Put in all the saffron, bullion and mix until nice and yellow.

Now :

1) Take the RICE and put the 2.5 cups of it in with the veggies. Mix it up a bit.

2)- add the saffron/bullion water and cover the food in the pan (we used Nick's big pot).

Let this simmer for 10-15 minutes (the rice SHOULD soak up the water - it is better when it is not watery). Don't overcook - the chicken will get tough and the rice will get bloated!

No seasoning was required - add salt to taste! This came out great! Serve with Cerveza. End meal with more Cerveza and tobacco products.