(Vocals and all instruments: Manny)

It's blood over water it's the ties that bind.

Winter Times Threewinterx3


(vocal Martha Trachtenberg)


A blanket of blue for her love she wove, a gift for his going away. 

Sarah Carey


(Lead vocal by Martha Trachtenberg all backing vocals by Manny)

To the west with his dream, to his bride-to-be, Youngman Connor rode. Meant to marry, Sarah Carey.

Somewhere South SomewhereSouth

(of True love and Romance)

(lead vocal Ami Jane Russell - Jim Walther on backup vocals)

The highways of my heart, well they don't run through true love's ways

Ducky (you be beautiful too)


(vocal by Rorie Kelly)

There you go again, runnin’ to your room and then

Twenty Degreestwentydegrees


(vocal Manny)

Twenty Degrees, and I’m waiting out in this cold. Twenty Degrees, and I’m countin’ on you to show.

 A Good Run


(Vocal Manny back up vocals Laura Hull, drums/percussion Joe Scott)

It’s been a good run, better than most get.

Santa Fe


(vocal Kathy Fleischmann )

I'm missing my Santa Fe, and the world I knew in a better day. 

Ride That Train 


(vocal Larry Ytuarte with Manny/Laura Hull backup vocals)

Why I ride, Ha ! I can't say
maybe it's the Clickety, clickety, clackety song the iron plays

That's The Way It Should Bettwisb


(Vocals Manny with Steve Lang)

We've been standing on the party line all day, all day 

Under Blue, Blue Moonubbm

(vocal Kathy Fleischmann)

Somethin's broken in this tired town, the rain keeps fallin' and the sun stays down, 

the crop is thin, and the lights grow dim under blue, blue moon. 

Sheila (Give me back my heart)sheila


(vocal Robby Robbins). 

Give me back my heart if you don't want it anymore.