Sarah Carey


(Lead vocal by Martha Trachtenberg all backing vocals by Manny)

To the west with his dream, to his bride-to-be, Youngman Connor rode. Meant to marry, Sarah Carey.

And he rode straight and true, through to Cumberland, for love it drove him on

Momma’s Scripture, portrait of his sister, Daddy’s rifle- his Kentucky Long.

No law, no justice on the wilderness side – came gunman plundering

Poor Sarah watched and wept as her daddy died, the pistol thundering.

Almost there, with a prayer as the sun set, and the rain began to fall  

Darlin’ Sarah, so much I long to share, count the blessings in this new frontier

Nowhere to hide, door open wideand she ran – one witness to her fate.

Out in the darkness, in the cold and the rain . . .stood Youngman at the gate.

It all came down to single round, Youngman trembled, the rifle in his hands

Lord please find me, don’t let this darkness blind me, pray deliver, in my time of need.

Guide me through, let my shot ring true, as it’s written, an eye for an eye

Chain lighting lit the sky, a glorious site, and Youngman found his man

Long Rifle roared with vengeance into the night and then to Sarah he ran…he ran

To the west, with his dream to his bride-to-be, Youngman Connor rode

There he married Sarah Carey .