Winter Times Threewinterx3


(vocal Martha Trachtenberg)


A blanket of blue for her love she wove, a gift for his going away. 

A farmer he was but the war had come and they called him "to soldier" that day. 


Choices were few - run away, join the Gray, join the Blue. 


The Union Band played as they marched that day 


and many farewells could be heard 


"A blanket my love, a reminder of the warmth and the woman that waits" 


"Woman abide, when this ends I'll return to your side". 


He'll return, He'll return someday. 


Maybe Summer, oh maybe Winter … he'll find a way. 


He'll find a way. 


Winter times three since he went away and Winter times three did she wait 


The child in her arms with his father's name and the dream of the day they would meet,


all that remained and the promise to find her again. 


He'll return, He'll return someday. 


Maybe Summer, child maybe Winter "he'll find a way. He'll find a way". 


A rider appeared on an Autumn morn and slowly he came into view, 


Tattered and torn such a sight forlorn then he smiled and she suddenly knew. 


"promise kept true" - he was wrapped in a blanket of blue.